"The future of list building at it's best! It's rare to find such powerful technology in such a user friendly interface. A total game changer."

Cyril Gupta

CEO, Teknikforce

"A Total Game Changer"

When I first saw LetSocify, I knew it would be a game changer for online marketing. This is the future of list building at it's best! It's rare to find such powerful technology in such a user friendly interface. LetSocify passes with flying colors!

Cyril Gupta

CEO, Teknikforce

"Great Tool To Use With My Artist Clients"

The click and views are going to be high using this tool with the fan base of our artists and keeping them engaged. I love using it for our artists, who tent to have large follower groups! I just placed the popup on my site and it literally took 3 mins only, very simple. I definitely give a thumbs up for this one.

Dale Williams (MD)


"This provides everything you need to retarget!"

Step by step and inch by inch the LetSocify FB Autoresponder clearly pronounces out what it can do without wasting any time while doing so. Instead of condensed and unclear instructions, it provides everything that is needed, even though, in reality, the execution is simple enough that many will not need it! Let me simply say this: If you want a product that is by far one of the easiest, most pleasurable, and yet most effective to use, then the LetSocify FB Autoresponder should top your list, And trust me I tested all of them in past.

Alex Albert


"Great software that will jump-start your business"

I have had the opportunity to test LetSocify to attract new customers to my website. Although discussion forums, web videos and helpful guides all can significantly increase the number of visitors your site receives, nothing is as cool as this. If you want the power of Facebook, you need to get this now AND the top edition at that. It is amazing!!!

Robert Schoolcraft

Local Business Consultant

"It's a freakin' autoresponder for Facebook!"

Honestly if you're doing any FB marketing it would be kinda silly to pass up on LetSocify. It's actually enjoyable to use, simple, user friendly and most importantly, it's a freakin' autoresponder for Facebook that you don't have to pay for monthly. Schedule a funnel of messages based on subscribers behaviour, segment, filter, that's an epic pro league right there.

Srećko Olujić


"This provides everything you need to retarget!"

Getting the attention of your propects is one of the hardest part, if not the hardest! Everyone is "Ad Blind" and they know where to look for content, and from where an ad might show up. Result? Extremely HIGH Ad costs and definitely very few high quality leads that take action. But what if you could condition their minds to immediately check your promo blurb with clickable links as soon as you send it to them? Even better.. what if you don't have to find a way to do that, because Kimberly and her team did it for all savvy marketrs. Using the little Globe icon (that's for notification on fb), now we can show our message in the notification box. How cool is that? I absolutely love it and Highly recommend it to anybody who has a website.

Anwesh Rath

Founder, Red Ice Marketing

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