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LetSocify helps you acquire & engage your users better.


Use our simple, yet revolutionary one-click opt-ins to get hold of your pass-by visitors or fans/followers. Also know their FB email ID & other public data.


Notify your users with updates within Facebook notifications on their accounts such that they can click on it to be redirected wherever you choose to.


Target your users via Facebook ads through direct App IDs and send them emails on their official Facebook email IDs.

Quickly configure the best Opt-in for your site!

Choose your own welcome text to attract more subscribers and get them onboard with just a click of a button.
Use the SIDE SCROLL or BOTTOM SCROLL Opt-in or simply select a fully Customizable Subscribe Button to be seen at any desired location on your site!


Setup Personalized Messages to get them Clicked!

Personalize your messages using subscribers' names and engaging emoticons! Insert the required URL to direct subscribers to your website at the right moment using Adaptive Scheduling or save a draft for later.

Leave Nothing To Chance When Sending Messages!

For optimal message performance, A/B Testing is an essential feature to find out what converts best. Change your title, message or emotions and see what sticks and clicks and what doesn't!


Laser Target Messages by applying Filters/Segments!

Create custom filters to target users based on geography, category, platform, browser and gender. Use our segmenting feature to target only those users who signed up for a specific segment of your list! Select any segment or filter you have created to laser target your prospects, and click send!

Automate Your Messaging By Hooking Up Your RSS Feed!

Simply automate your messaging by pasting your RSS Feed into LetSocify and every time you post on your blog or site a message will be sent to users that you preselect with filters and segments. Use our expiration feature for setting expiration times times in days, hours or minutes!


Send a sequence of Notifications based on Clicks!

This Set & Forget sequencing system is the jewel of LetSocify. A sequence of notifications will be initiated on the basis of your selected schedule and progress further with respect to the choices made by subscribers as the choices are presented to them based on your set up of the sequence.

Treasure Your List & Connect To Your Auto-responder

The Money is in the List! Review your users and check out their Facebook profiles to find out their interests, behaviors and much more. By connecting your favorite autoresponder you will secure your list and be able to retarget by sending them emails in combination with notification messages!


Know your numbers with detailed reports!

Get detailed reports on both your subscribers & messages. Check your click rate and know which settings work the best for you. Know the best time to push updates to your audience. Download all reports in CSV or PDF format and get weekly reports by email.

Know Your Customers!

Getting to know your customers is easier than ever with LetSocify! With a simple click you get their details including their name, email address, gender, date opted-in, category, country, city, platform, and a clickable button that takes you DIRECTLY to their Facebook profile so you can learn even more about their personality, likes, and behavior, based on their Facebook posts.


Great software that will jump-start your business

Robert Schoolcraft
Local Business Consultant

I have had the opportunity to test LetSocify to attract new customers to my website. Although discussion forums, web videos and helpful guides all can significantly increase the number of visitors your site receives, nothing is as cool as this. If you want the power of Facebook, you need to get this now AND the top edition at that. It is amazing!!!

Great Tool To Use With My Artist Clients

Dale Williams (MD)
Entrepreneur at

The click and views are going to be high using this tool with the fan base of our artists and keeping them engaged. I love using it for our artists, who tent to have large follower groups! I just placed the popup on my site and it literally took 3 mins only, very simple. I definitely give a thumbs up for this one.

This provides everything you need to retarget!

Alex Albert

Step by step and inch by inch the LetSocify FB Autoresponder clearly pronounces out what it can do without wasting any time while doing so. Instead of condensed and unclear instructions, it provides everything that is needed, even though, in reality, the execution is simple enough that many will not need it! Let me simply say this: If you want a product that is by far one of the easiest, most pleasurable, and yet most effective to use, then the LetSocify FB Autoresponder should top your list, And trust me I tested all of them in past.

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